Teijin Frontier, a trading company born at the nexus of business opportunity, business models, markets and products.

With the mind-boggling pace of change in today’s society, just responding to the change is no longer sufficient. To be successful, a company must always be one step ahead of the changing times and demands from the market.

This is the reason why the management of the Teijin Group decided to merge their textile productivity on (Teijin Fibre) with their trading house (N.I. Teijin Shoji) and created the new company.


This combined experience of a highly technological productivity on company with the worldwide knowhow of a successful trading company will enable the new company to master the increasing complexity of textile business solutions.

Through our worldwide sourcing network in Asia, combined with the long experience from the fashion markets in Europe as well as from other mass markets, TEIJIN FRONTIER LTD. guarantees the competence in fabric development and productivity on which our partners need to be successful in their own field.

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Planning and Brand Development

Supply of market information the latest fashion trends for product development. TFRE has own designers to develop trend collections to combine new fabrics and materials with competitive prices for the readymade garments. Planning and development of current and future products based on OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing). Today we are working together closely with our partners to find and develop the best possible products to sharpen their image and to increase the value of the brand.

Material Development and Procurement

  • Development of new materials using own technology developed in-house
  • Procurements of materials from selected partners all over Asia
  • Development of special finish with waterproof, flame-retardant, soil resistant etc.
  • Sustainable development in regard to our environment by using our products “Eco-A-Wear” and “Eco-Pet”

Processing, Production and Logistics in our Hong Kong Office for functional Outerwear

  • Development of designs based on customer’s individual requests by our own design team
  • Customized Brand Management
  • Pattern Making
  • Monitoring and control of sample process and the whole production
  • Quality control and inspection during the whole production process according to AQL-System by our own technicians and QCs
  • Covering all steps in the logistic supply chain

Special Services

  • Financing
  • Warehousing
  • Garment Finishing
  • Just-in-Time-Delivery Service
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